Recording, production & Mixing

At Blake Audio we strive to make you sound the best you can be. With state of the art equipment and expert knowledge your project will get the personal treatment it deserves. We help with arrangements and additional instrumentation with both acoustic and electronic instruments. We listen closely to your vision and genre to give your tracks the sound that you are after, from modern polished pop to old school analogue warmth.  We can contribute guitar, bass, piano and drums as well as programmed virtual instruments like synthesisers, strings, beats and samples. Blake Audio can take your basic song and turn it into a full professional production.

The Studio is designed for singer/songwriters, instrumental soloists, singers, small groups and voice over artists. We provide a range of high quality guitars amps and effects for use free of charge. Larger studio spaces are available for larger projects where needed. The studio is equipped with industry standard brands such as Neve, Neumann, Genelec, Universal Audio, Apogee, Martin, Fender and Vox. 

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